Maintaining Your Edea Skates for Safety and Better Performance

In figure skating, the skates are one of the most important parts of your outfit. The skates allow you to make the movements on ice. Maintenance of your skates is important to ensure balance and safety as you practice and perform on the rink.

How to Maintain Your Ice Skates

Here are the steps you should do in order to keep your ice skates in shape:

Skate Blades

  • Keep your blades sharp by taking it to a blade sharpening specialist. You need to discover the time when your blades need to be sharpened. When you start experiencing your blades are uncomfortably sliding as you land, it is an indication that it already needs sharpening.
  • Use the blades properly. Do not use them to walk on the floor, they must be used to slide on ice only. If you cannot avoid walking in floors, put a hard guard on your blades.


  • When storing your edea skates, you must protect the blades from rusting and other elements that may cause damage especially to the fragile parts of the blades. To do this, thoroughly dry your blades as you get off the ice. Wipe the entire blade with a clean, dry towel, making sure that you remove any ice, water, snow, or moist residues.

Skate Boots

  • Inspect the mount by checking on the screws. Ensure proper tightness with the screws. This will prevent early wear and also ensure safety when using the boots. Remember not to overdo the tightening since this will cause the leather to strip out easily. At the beginning, you will have a trial mount consisting of a number of screws to verify if the blade is in the suitable position based on your foot geometry and body. There will be unfilled screw holes to make room for any additions later on.